Our Products

  • Circuit ERP

    We are constantly pushing the limits of what Databases are capable of. Through careful testing, evaluation and production practices we can 100% guarantee that our ERP will help you push the limits in your Business Frontoffice and Backoffice daily activities.

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  • mini UAVs

    The need to cope with multiple internal and external insurgencies – from Afghanistan to Nigeria, from China to Columbia, from India to the Philippines – creates a need for practical, if unconventional approaches. 

    There were noone can go, a UAV can.

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  • Patients Management

    Patients and Exams Management Application. Manages Patients bio data along with journaling of health related incidents and examinations for future reference.

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  • ISO-Documentation Management Infrastructures

    ISO 9001-Document Management Application and Predifined ISO Forms. All ISO procedures of commercial companies where digitised in order that instead of filling needed information in paper, the data are uploaded and stored in a MS SQL database.

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