Creative People CIRCUIT ERP

Designed to serve business needs, aligned with Quality Assurance modelling!
Desinged to serve business needs, 
aligned with Quality Assurance modeling!

CIRCUIT ERP Operations Cycle

  • Manage customer requests for products or services (customer requests and public tender management). Complete CRM solution for managing tender documents, contracts, certificates, supporting documents and more.

  • As soon as the requested products and services are entered in the customer’s RFQ, the user is informed whether the products requested by the client are in stock or whether they are available in a known supplier’s warehouse.

  • A comprehensive wizard lets you create and manage requests to suppliers, and automatically send them by email or fax to the supplier’s competent salesperson. ISO quality system forms related to submitting requests are automatically attached to outgoing messages. Automatic outgoing protocol ref is submitted along with the message. A template is sent to the supplier so they may fill in the pricing, availability and payment terms.

  • At the same time as requests are created, quotes awaiting supplier’ response are appended to the system. The user is able to automatically import prices in the supplier’s quote or manually update prices and other quotation details.

  • In the case of an open public tender, during the proposal opening process, the system users may update the tender information with the competitors’ prices.

  • The most suitable suppliers – in terms of pricing, availability and payment terms – are sorted on the user’s screen and a proposal is automatically created for the customer, based on the user’s intervention. The customer may receive a proposal with technical specs and product photos or just a simple proposal automatically signed by the person drafting it.

  • The proposal acceptance by the customer generates a contract, allowing us to track deliveries to the client based on customer requests and delivery invoices, without any other user intervention.

  • The suppliers that provided the best proposal through their quote are marked by the user and an automatic purchase order is generated. An automatic signature marks the order is ready to be sent to the supplier as soon as the user has finished editing it.

  • When the order is processed and delivered, the user creates a supplier invoice record, importing data automatically from the purchase order.

  • The customer contract creates the invoice or delivery note addressed to the end customer, and the delivery status of the contract/client order is updated.

Creative People CIRCUIT ERP Features

  • Management of unlimited number of warehouses.

  • Manage suppliers stock availability.

  • Automatically upload stock in e-shop platforms.

  • Complete product participation in tenders and customer requests history.

  • The ISO procedures, documents and workflows of any company are supported by the system.

  • Asterisk PBX integration.

  • Service and Maintenance ticketing system.

For NATO Stock Number (NSN) enabled products there is full interoperability with:

  • NATO Namsa databases.

  • Fedlog databases.


Creative People CIRCUIT ERP minimum requirements

  • Server:
    MS SQL Server 2008R2 and up

  • Client:
    MS Office 2013 Professional and up
    MS Active Directory