We provide tailor made software development services

Custom Software Development is the game we love to play the most. Analyzing customer requirements along with parameters such as the company’s IT infrastructure, hardware and industry.

We love challenges and we are not afraid of accepting and completing projects where our competition stacks or rejects.

We’re not a software generating production line, churning out projects like they are just another job. Each project is treated a unique creation and given the attention it requires.

Giving emphasis on “user experience”, Creative People’s development team aims to deliver a fully functional software accompanied with a user-friendly interface.


  • Client's Requirements

    End user requirements, “again” the most important step. Customer requirements determine the way and methodology to be applied on the following steps of software development.

  • Architecture design and analysis

    Design all the pieces of the puzzle that the software will use. Design elements and sub-systems along with the relations among them.

  • Development

    The “core” of each software development process. Creative People’s development team uses innovative technologies to transform customer requirements to a fully functional end-product.

  • Functional, Security and Quality Testing

    A full system testing phase with functionality and security approach takes place, before the implementation. No bug or Security issue is accepted here! Quality is a pre-requisite for implementing and we are bound to that by our ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

  • Implementation

    Implementation and delivery of the end-product to the customer for evaluation and feedback for final touch.

  • Maintenance

    We approach maintenance with a proactive perspective so as to prevent any software issues or incompatibilities with hardware or software updates.