We make things work together!

At Creative People, we are great at connecting individual information systems so they may exchange data or operate as subsystems of a larger system. We provide software and IT solutions that make various systems, services and/or software work effectively and efficiently together.
We improve productivity and quality of operations. Whether your need is to integrate your e-shop with a third-party system or other individual systems with each other, Creative People can develop a fully operational integration solution that fits your requirements.


  • Client Requirements

    Collecting end-user needs and requirements is the most important part of systems integration. Customer requirements determine the methodology to be applied on the following integration process steps.

  • System Analysis

    Analysing the capabilities of the system to be integrated is determining the proper and most efficient method to fetch or exchange data from and to the systems.

  • Architecture Design

    Whether the integration solution refers to data exchange between systems or systems integration into a larger system, the Architecture Design is a mandatory step for proper development later.

  • Development

    It is the heart of each integration solution. Creative People’s development team uses innovative technologies to transform your requirements into a fully operational end-product.

  • Functional, Security and Quality Testing

    A full system testing phase with functionality and security approach takes place before the implementation. No bugs or security issues are accepted at this stage! Quality is a condition and we are bound to it by our ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

  • Implementation

    Implementation and delivery of the end-product to the customer for evaluation, and feedback for finishing touches.

  • Maintenance

    We approach maintenance proactively, so as to prevent any software issues or incompatibilities with hardware or software updates.