From design to delivery and day to day support

Creative People offers various datacenter scenarios, from simple server hosting (linux and windows) to full Azure infrastructures. Hybrid Infrastructure is always an option and can be customised upon your needs.

Managed Services for Data Centers

Operational management of your data center infrastructure across the network, server, and storage for on-premise and cloud environments.

Infrastructure management in a hybrid IT environment can be difficult, with its multiple applications and technologies. Let us take over the management of your hybrid IT infrastructure, giving you the technological flexibility you need, and maximizing the efficiency and availability of your applications. We help you make the best use of IT assets and provide uninterrupted service. Get full visibility of your data center infrastructure in near real-time across cloud, on-premise, and the network.

Disaster Recovery Services

Managed replication services covering a multitude of hybrid IT use cases with custom recovery time objectives and 24/7 support.

With the rise of cloud and hybrid IT, organizations need to rethink their disaster recovery strategies.

The cost of unplanned downtime can run into the millions for every hour that infrastructure and critical applications fail. With cyberattacks on corporate data and the risk of data leaks on the rise, business continuity and risk is top-of-mind for any CEO. Traditional disaster recovery services are designed for more static and centralized data, and can be costly and cumbersome. Our Disaster Recovery Services give you end-to-end capabilities for hybrid IT, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud, seamless operational IT resiliency, and cost-effective and timely recovery.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We provide Cloud Backup solutions, read more.

Managed Services for Cloud

Day-to-day support, security updates, maintenance, and monitoring of your pre-production, production, and mission-critical applications hosted on our cloud and hosting infrastructure.

Achieve the operational flexibility and speed your organization needs for the digital economy.

Our Managed Services for Cloud are designed to manage your cloud operating systems and applications. We provide day-to-day support, security updates, maintenance, and monitoring of pre-production and production environments, and mission-critical applications that are hosted in our cloud and hosting infrastructure. Offload routine monitoring and maintenance tasks for some, or all, of your applications to improve availability, lower operational costs, and focus on higher value tasks. Replace management software, manpower, and support with a predictable monthly expense.